Ada Osakwe
co-Convener & Team Lead
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I'm the founder of The Nuli Juice Company ('Nuli'), a fast-growing farm-2-table beverage manufacturer and restaurant chain. I've had my share of 'wahala' from operating in Nigeria, including losing an entire restaurant in a state government demolition of properties. Many times I ask myself, "Na who send me?". But hey, we're still pushing. And I'll continue to push because as a Nigerian, I have a right to want to build something beautiful, that has the potential to help transform our economy and livelihoods. I just need our country to uphold this right!

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Chris Ifeanyi Oputa
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Hey guys! I'm the Team Lead @ Studio24.We provide the whole gamut of imaging products & services with a few new exciting lines getting prepped for launch this year!(Stay tuned!).
We started early as eager beaver folks right out of uni and have been BATTERED & BRUISED by a MILE-LONG list of  Govt "promise & fail" policies et al. So we had to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and crawl our way forward. It doesnt need to be that way."EVIL PREVAILS WHEN GOOD PEEPS DO NOTHING".
So here we are. Adrenalin pumping and ready to do something about the Nigeria SME project!

co- Convener
Adesuwa Okunbo Rhodes 

I am the Founder of Aruwa Capital Management a firm dedicated to closing the funding gap for small businesses in Nigeria that are currently overlooked and underserved. I am an active investor in small and rapidly growing businesses, especially those that empower women either through their workforce, value chain or products.Throughout my career, I have been a witness time and again to failed promises to SMEs by the institutions that should serve them. SMEs are always last in line despite the fact that they are the engine of the economy, the creators of employment and the main drivers of innovation in our society. As a long term investor in Nigeria, I am passionate about ensuring the entire ecosystem of SMEs have the required access to, and various types of, capital required for them to succeed and thrive. Only when SMEs thrive, can Nigeria really fulfil its growth potential. We have to keep knocking down doors to make sure that we see this reality in our lifetimes. We can no longer sit on the sidelines waiting for things to change. We are the change, step up and join us!

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co- Convener
Khalil Halilu 

At 29 years old, Khalil has quickly carved his name in the African tech space as the founder of key solution providing platforms ShapShap Technologies Ltd and OyaOya Strategic Services.  He is the chairman of Centre for Citizens Welfare and Community Development (CWCD) – a non-profit organization that promotes peace, security and development through the use of technology.  In 2019, he set up the first ever technological hub in Abuja that is already a meeting place for tech and nature lovers.  He has served on the board of Africa Infotech Consultancy and worked in managerial positions in others like Gongoni Company Limited in 2010. He is known for building the ‘Zabe’ election monitoring application in Nigeria.  Zabe has the capability to provide feedback on election process from observers and was used in the 2019 general elections in Nigeria. 

co- Convener
Ehime Akindele
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I am the founder of SweetKiwi, a yogurt company. I have witnessed how the irresponsibility of our government towards small businesses has led to the failure of so many businesses.


From the recession in 2015, our stable business experienced instability with no solutions from the government. They prioritize foreign businesses and large corporations yet never stop harassing small businesses through multiple taxation and illegal collection methods.


I am determined to lend my voice to calling for change in how we are treated because Nigeria belongs to us too and only we can shape it future.

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co- Convener
Emeka Njokanma

Since the age of 24, I've invested in start-ups and SMEs. I've spent my money, time, goodwill and knowledge to support my business owners. 

My "waka in this matter" has given me exposure to businesses in Nigeria and the UK across the Fintech Construction, Media, Hair/ Beauty,  and recently the transportation sector. I've gone as far as assuming marketing responsibilities for content across Africa for Meet the Adebanjos, despite being a major shareholder. Gatecrashing the summer party of a top VC in London is my boldest, bulldozing my way to an introduction for Tempo Housing Nigeria, and drawing up credit frameworks for Fint Nigeria all to see these firms and myself succeed.

As you can tell, I'm passionate about every business I invest in and especially the real risk takers/owners who run them. 

Small business has its own challenges, we need to do our bit to ensure bad policy or underrepresentation isn't one of them.

Join us!

co- Convener
Toyin Odulate
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My name is Toyin and I’m the founder of Olori Cosmetics – an African multi-brand personal and beauty care company, manufacturing, developing & formulating world-class products for the African consumer, based out of Lagos.


I refuse to accept that I can’t build a world-class & globally recognized business out of Nigeria.


If it means I must have 2 heads, then so be it. I’m ready to channel my daily frustrations & setbacks into wind energy behind a collective movement that can make a difference!

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