10 policy Recommendations For SME Support during COVID-19

Following the Petition I started in early April,, which now over 4,000 people have signed (WE NEED MORE), the SBNN co-Conveners sent out a CALL-TO-ACTION to the government 2 weeks ago. In this, we laid out 10 clear recommendations government and their partners could pursue, URGENTLY, to stem the bleeding among us. Unfortunately, we're still yet to see concrete action taken.

We got an immediate response from the Vice President who appreciated the document and stated he needed help knowing the criteria to use to select SMEs. We prepared this and sent to him. Haven't heard anything since.

A senior Central Bank official also said that data out there to locate and reach SMEs is not available or accurate. And that we should help to get this data. We are doing this through this network. So please register your details. We're also working to get some more from this avenue.

Please read the 10 recommendations in the PROJECTS & PUBLICATIONS page.

Our voices need to be heard , LOUDER. We need to followup with holding our leaders accountable. We also need to be there for each other and think of creative solutions to the current situation we all face. Hopefully, this SBNN Platform will do just this. Thanks

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